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"This gym is amazing!!! I never really enjoyed working out until I came to JGF. This is not just a gym this is a support system that also has many nice members with the same goal as me. Robyn is a great owner and instructor. She makes working out so much fun. If I miss a day I am upset because I love going and feeling great!! I love JGF and all of my new friends!!!!"

Samantha Crocetti

"Great place for women to work out and have fun while doing it! I am so motivated by both Robyn and all the wonderful ladies at JGF! "

Liv M.

"Love everything about this gym! the ladies, the instructors, the variety of classes....absolutely everything!"

Barbara Nardi Hertline

"I have been a member of Jersey Girl Fitness since August 2016. I have enjoyed the variety of classes that Jersey Girl Fitness offers and always leave feeling like I got a great workout. I recently took a challenge to lose 7 pounds in 7 days and I DID IT! I actually won the challenge. Robyn gave me a simple plan to follow and incorporated training sessions along with my regular classes. It was easy to follow and lots of fun as well. If you are determined and want to tone and get in shape I highly suggest Jersey Girl Fitness. Robyn is an amazing trainer who makes its enjoyable to get in a work out ever day. I am addicted!"

Maryanna Costick-Fitzwater

"About a year ago today, I started my fitness journey looking for somewhere rewarding to put my energy into. I was going through a rough time in my life, extremely unhappy with myself and the friends that I associated myself with. That's when me and my soon-to-become best friend (and now college roommate!) made the decision to join Robyn and Jersey Girl Fitness. Robyn, the owner of JGF, singlehandedly changed the rest of my life. As a teenage girl, the popular thought process on working out is that you do it to lose weight. Robyn and the ladies of JGF taught me that you gain so much more from fitness than what you lose. I gained the confidence to change my life into the happiest/healthiest one it could possibly be and along the way lost 10 pounds!!!!! Jersey Girl Fitness is an incredible community of strong women who aren't afraid of challenges, such as surviving Robyn's Badass Psycho Bootcamp! I promise once you join JGF, being in that empowering atmosphere will become the highlight of each day. It's extremely rewarding to see the changes I've made in the past year to my overall health and happiness and I owe it all to Jersey Girl Fitness!"

Rachel S.

"So this summer I spent too much time drinking and eating and not nearly enough time working out. Fell out of my routine and needed a jump start. A friend recommended I try a few classes at Jersey Girl Fitness. I did and am addicted!! Love the variety in classes, the instructors and Robyn the owner are amazing and the other members are friendly and supportive. I highly recommend giving Jersey Girl Fitness a won't regret it!!"

Kristine C.

Challenge Results

21 Day Challenge: Clients have lost 10-16 inches PLUS 8 lbs. in two weeks! 

Spring Training Challenge (Two weeks): Team Robyn LOST 110 inches total. The BIGGEST LOSER lost 25 inches in TWO WEEKS!

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