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Jersey Girl Fitness - Female Only Workout Studio
About Us
Jersey Girl Fitness is a combination class studio for women only. This means we have the unique ability to combine classes together that no other studio and or gyms in the area have ever done .
With these unique classes combined we have mastered the technique to work a womans body in every specific area possible to get them the results they have been longing for without even having to think about how to do it. The best part is its fun and they have no idea how hard they are training until a week goes by and they realize their faces are trimmer and their entire physique is smaller and their energy level is higher.
We put Ballet Barre together with TRX……we also combine Spinning and Pilates we have a major fat burning class that allows us to Spin,Step and Box for maximum results. THE BEST PART WE DON’T CHARGE EXTRA FOR TRX , BARRE or any of the other specialty classes. I had a vision to combine all these classes and when I see the results my members are getting I literally get goosebumps. 
Location 1950 OLD CUTHBERT ROAD CHERRY HILL NJ 08034 856-428-1835
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